AKS Introduction

Active Kidz Shanghai (AKS) was established to provide health development programs for children to improve their physical and mental health. Sport is the main vehicle for these health programs. The benefits of organized sports is well known to improve children’s minds so that they can do better in school as well as live longer healthier lives.This is good for the children and their future as well as society.

AKS offers programs mainly in the area of team sports such as soccer, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball and baseball. Team sports provide two opportunities for children’s development. 1. Physical health development so that the children and parents learn the benefits of good health and movement at an early stage. Children learn resilience and strengthen brain capacity through physical exercise. 2. Doing so within the framework of team sports a child learns to work with peers within a team environment which as implications for all areas of their life and future relationships. Team sports make exercise fun because it is social.

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