To Our Members

Dear AKS Families,

Greetings and welcome to Active Kidz Shanghai! Whether you are a returning member or a newcomer, AKS would like to thank you and welcome you in our family. The AKS community provides a wonderful environment for children of all ages in Shanghai to learn new sport skills, grow mentally and physically, and develop healthy lifelong habits.

We are excited for this new season as AKS continues to be a pillar of the youth sports community in Shanghai. During the past fall season, AKS welcomed several new sports directors and head coaches into our sports programs, all with various levels of professional certification and educational programs in an effort to improve the quality and standard of our organization. As we enter the winter and spring seasons of this year, we look forward to continue our improvements in the quality of our programs offered, with a focus on providing the AKS community with an invaluable experience dedicated to developing our youth athletes.

Although AKS is invested in offering a high professional standard of sport development to our members, what makes AKS unique is the structure and outreach in which AKS operates. AKS was founded over 17 years ago as a community based organization, relying on involvement from volunteer parents and members of the Shanghai community to support the organization. As we enter this new year, this foundation has remained the same. We have many parent and member volunteers active in many positions such as coaches, team managers, committee chairs, board members, program coordinators, and many other roles. We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their time and effort, and AKS would not be the success it is without all of your help. We always welcome anyone who would like to volunteer and be involved with AKS, so please do contact us for opportunities.

This season, we will also be offering more classes and options as AKS programs has been able to expand into new venues in Shanghai. Many of our current sport programs are offered at one of our many international and local school partners in the Puxi and Pudong areas. Please check each sport program’s information detail, and you are always welcome to contact us for information and to sign up for an AKS sports program near you.

Thank you for your continued support of AKS, and we look forward to having you join us for our new season!

Active Kidz Shanghai
Board of Directors