Before joining any ActiveKidz programming, every child must become an ActiveKidz member. Membership allows you to join the wide-range of programming that ActiveKidz offers and the perks and benefits that ActiveKidz offers.

The Active Kidz membership fee is 350 RMB and lasts from August 1st to next year July 31st, which covers Fall, Winter, Spring, seasons.


cancelled It is highly encouraged to PRE-REGISTER before programming begins. This allows you to avoid the chaos of signing up for programs on the day of the program and guarantees your spot for classes with a maximum spot.

Children who do not meet ActiveKidz age requirements for a program are prohibited from participating in the program. Exceptions can be made if head coaches and program directors believe there is no safety concerns or risk to unfair competition.


Payment can only be made using cash or Wechat or Union Pay cards (local banks ONLY).

Participants who join a program midway through the season must pay a reduced fee, as well as the fixed cost of the uniform/kit/equipment, that covers the entirety of the remaining portion of the season.

If you wish to receive a invoice for your payment you MUST come to the ActiveKidz office to make a formal request. A week later you can get your invoice at the field or in our office.

ActiveKidz does not offer refunds. If you choose to withdraw from a program, class, or camp you MUST inform the ActiveKidz office by email (info@activekidz.org). In these cases, you will receive 50% of your payment in CREDIT FORM. Credit can be applied to future classes and or programs.
Credit transfers MUST be used within 6 months after submitting a credit application form. ActiveKidz management must approve all credit transfers. If you have not chosen your program credit transfer then ActiveKidz will overtake the credit transfer.

Weather Policy

Many ActiveKidz programming takes place outdoors, which means that it is subject to weather.

ActiveKidz management will notify you AT LEAST 2 hours before programming, and no later than 2 hours prior to start of a session if it is to take place if there will be class or not. If you do not receive a notification from ActiveKidz then class will continue as planned.

To see if your program is cancelled you can also visit our website at www.activekidz.org

Pollution Policy

If AQI exceeds 200 ActiveKidz will make the decision to cancel class for that day. However, for days you feel that the pollution index is not suitable, discretion will be left to the parent if they want their child to attend the class.

Class Rescheduling Policy

MAKE UP DATES WILL NOT BE OFFERED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER OR HIGH POLLUTION LEVELS. We will try our best to extend sessions in order to compensate for lost time, but make up time is not guaranteed.

Only in the event that there is a venue or coaching issue, ActiveKidz will then offer make up days to compensate for missed time.

Venue Policy

ActiveKidz is able to provide programming because of the great relationships we have built with schools and venues in the area. Please remember that as members, you are a guest in the facility. Programming at these venues will only occur from our scheduled time.

Program Change Policy

ActiveKidz retains the right to modify programs at any time from the description in the catalog due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. These circumstances included, but are not limited to:

Program Discount

Discounts are only offered to on ActiveKIdz developmental and toddler programs. Families must meet the following requirements:
AKSIL and ActiveKidz camps are exempt from discounts.